Thank you for your interest in Isolate, Inc., and our broad variety of air filtration, custom air conditioning, and ultra violet (UVC) products for use in building HVAC systems.  In the following brochures, photographs, and drawings you will see for yourself the degree of effort we take to meet client needs.

We manufacture a full line of UVC and HEPA air filtration units for hospital, laboratory, clinic, and industrial duties. All Isolate units are available for in-duct mounting or portable roll-around use.  In addition to the high efficiency media type air filtration machines, you will also see that we manufacture a similar line of portable or ducted chemical air filtration products for odor and chemical contaminant control.

Isolate, Inc. units are used for air filtration and disinfection for isolation rooms, emergency rooms, waiting rooms, patient treatment areas, laboratories, surge hospitals, or anywhere clean air is needed. Larger sizes are available for central station applications and for entire floor or building wing conditioning and filtration.

Rectangular in shape, with end-to-end airflow the ISO ™ HEPA 500 and 1000 series units are ideal for above-the-ceiling and in-duct installation. The same sizes are applied as portable use models.   All ISO ™ series units are constructed from lightweight aluminum housing material and are very affordably priced.  

Government buyers and agencies can purchase these models on-line at GSA Advantage.  The patented UVC/HEPA models employ the innovative cylindrical HEPA containment element with very high output UVC germicidal “kill” capability.  This “killer filter” model has been tested against some of the most robust microorganisms known, with performance test data available to the specifier.

The ISO ™ Series of units were designed to meet the medical environment demands for a portable, high efficiency HEPA or ULPA air filtration unit to supplement existing building air filtration systems in those areas where added filtration efficiency is required.

The high intensity UVC emitters used by Isolate, Inc. have up to six (6) times the output of conventional UVC bulbs under varying HVAC conditions. These new generation emitters have a broader UVC bandwidth for higher kill ratios over a greater range of species. All types of microbes are targeted, including cold, flu and measles viruses, Legionella, tuberculosis and other bacteria, as well as mold spores, the major cause of lost productivity and absenteeism.


The portable ISO ™ Series units are available in two standard sizes of 500 and 1000 cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow, with any intermediate air volume being possible by use of fan speed control options. Typical unit drawings, configurations and dimensions are provided herein.


For negative pressure rooms, the ISO ™ Series machines can be duct mounted above the ceiling, or in-room installed and equipped with a vertical discharge duct, hidden behind an architectural panel to allow for room air removal. By maintaining a higher exhaust air total over inlet air, the units can be configured to make virtually any room a negative pressure room, suitable for many isolation purposes. Since all air passing though the ISO ™ unit is UVC irradiated and HEPA filtered, the air leaving the unit is fully treated.


Burn patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment present a special circumstance that demands the cleanest particulate and microorganism free air possible.  The combination UVC/HEPA model with its cylindrical HEPA containment design provides the perfect solution for such “positive pressure” applications.  By duct mounting the “killer filter” in the room incoming air duct just prior to the room air diffuser, facility engineers can quickly and easily retrofit any hospital room for such duty.   The 12” diameter round inlet and outlet duct collars on the ISO series makes installation a snap.

This same model can be employed for personnel protection in “safe haven” spaces for biological protection applications.  Air from standard commercial HVAC units and systems can effectively be treated for military bunkers, offices and any space needing protected positive pressure air.  All air leaving the ISO-UVC/HEPA series units is fully treated.


One hundred percent (100%) exhaust is also possible using the ISO ™ Series machines.   When installed in any isolation or lab hood exhaust duct, the combination UVC/HEPA design will effectively clean and treat all exiting air.


For spaces with the need to control odor, the ISO™-CHEM Series provides a number of unit designs and configurations, while also offering three-stages of air filtration. The ISO™-CHEM units are rectangular in shape and may be installed above a suspended ceiling. Airflow is axial, i.e. in one end and out the other. Besides the hideaway ceiling units, the ISO™-CHEM may be equipped with casters, and used in a portable application, where it can be moved from space to space. In this orientation, the unit airflow is vertical, with air entering near the floor and discharging upward toward the ceiling via an adjustable air deflection grille.

The latest generation chemical air filter, a dry processed carbon composite (DPCC) element, is used as the primary odor-adsorbing medium in the unit. Both a 30% ASHRAE efficiency pre-filter and 95% ASHRAE efficiency after filter are used to prolong the life of the chemical element. Standard size filters are used for maximum cost advantage to the user.


Building owners such as hospital, industrial and institutional clients know the difficulty in finding “exact replacement” or “upgraded” air handling units, coil, fan or filtration modules, for the repair and replacement of tight equipment room locations.  Well, a simple solution is at hand!
Working with facilities engineers, mechanical contractors and project management personnel, Isolate, Inc., can design, manufacture and deliver both “exact replacement” as well as somewhat “upgraded” air handling and air conditioning units to fit the required space.  The key to this effort is the simple tape measure.

A sketch of the current unit, with overall length, width, and height dimensions provides the beginning of delivering a solution.  Measurement of doorways, hall and elevator access points provide a clear understanding of what will be required to deliver and install the replacement unit or sections.  Digital photos and hand sketches of duct and piping locations round out the information used to allow a quotation.  Our advice to owners and contractors is that if the new fan and coil module can be moved into the equipment room, then the remainder of the factory made, knocked-down unit can be carried into the space similar to the effort of carrying a mattress during a residential move.

The final assembled product is a full double-wall, all aluminum, corrosion resistant product, that incorporates modern construction features, efficient fans and coils, and upgraded air filtration modules.  Installation time is measured in hours, not days.  Frequently, the mechanical contractor making the change-out finds his biggest problem involves cutting up the old unit and carrying it out of the space.  If that contractor can provide Isolate with a clean and level equipment pad, then our factory-made, full and easy to disassemble units will fit.


Unit delivery is generally stock to 3-4 weeks from our Houston, Texas factory for the ISO ™ series air filtration units.  Custom and replacement air handling units are typically an 8-9 week lead time.

Please call 800-476-8648 for pricing and design assistance. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your facility filtration and air conditioning needs. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service.

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