Isolate, Inc. manufactures a wide range of Central Station Air Filtration and Cooling Units that include pre-filters, after filters, high efficiency UVC / HEPA filters and/or DPCC odor removing chemical filters, and heating and cooling coils. Usually an integral unit supply air fan section or module is part of the offering, matched exactly to the system airflow capacity (CFM) and system pressure drop characteristics.

These Central Station machines are located in mechanical equipment rooms of the buildings served. Typically a mechanical equipment room will be located on a given floor or in a building wing, serving a large area or group of rooms. Air is delivered from the unit to the spaces via building ductwork, with recirculated air drawn back to the central station filtration unit for cleaning and treatment. Space air changes are established by local code requirements and good engineering design practices and standards.

Our custom sizes range from 2,000 CFM airflow to 60,000 CFM in a single unit. Units up to about 40,000 CFM can be shipped in one-piece assemblies.

Larger units must be shipped in modules, for field reconnection via bolted flanges. The individual module design enables fairly large capacity units to be shipped and taken into a building via doorways and service elevators. Generally the fan section causes the biggest problem in access to building mechanical spaces. For machines too large in capacity to be installed using the "modular" approach, we can furnish field erected or "knocked-down" unit designs using our MODULAR FRAMING SYSTEMS, INC., simple to erect system. Such machines may be ordered with the services of factory technicians or skilled personnel, familiar with these systems. No job is too complicated for our team of system experts.

Heating and cooling coil options as well as ultraviolet emitters (UVC) are offered as options to the Isolate, Inc., Central Station Air Conditioning and Filtration Units.  Module arrangements and configurations are limited only by the design engineer's imagination. Just because you don't see a drawing or a photograph of a unit doesn't mean we haven't or won't manufacture it.   Any reasonable design can be quickly and economically produced.

A computer program is used by our factory design engineers with typical unit capacities, dimensions and component options listed.  All we need is the desired airflow capacity and system pressure characteristics from the design engineer, in order to provide a unit layout drawing. If you have a space being remodeled or a totally new building under design, simply fax or e-mail us your data and mechanical room space available, and we will get to work. A free unit layout sketch will be provided.

Both vertical and horizontal module string units are available. Where indoor spaces will not permit, we can provide fully weatherproof outdoor units. Outdoor units may be ground mounted on poured concrete slabs or roof mounted on superstructure steel or roof curbs.

As you can see from the above narrative, we are extremely flexible in our "Custom" Series offering.  We are fairly confident that your application can be handled by our skilled engineering staff. Give us a call and let us show you.

You may talk directly to one of our mechanical engineering specialists by simply calling our factory at 1-800-ISO-UNIT, i.e., 1-800-476-8648.

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