Isolate units are extremely versatile, and may be used in either portable or fixed location installations. Units generally are directly located in the room served, but the ISO™-UVC/HEPA and CHEM machines are also able to be installed above a suspended ceiling grid.   In-duct units are furnished with 12” diameter inlet and outlet duct collars, include self-supporting members, and are quick and easy to install.  Simple 120 volt power junction box wiring is provided.

Portable units are equipped with casters and a 120 volt hospital grade electrical cord and wall plug. Built-in units all come with duct connections or flanges and must be hard wired by a licensed electrician to local codes and standards.

The following facility installations could likely benefit from the high efficiency filtered air produced by the Isolate Series units.

- Hospitals and Clinics

- Patient Isolation Rooms

- Emergency Rooms


- Waiting / Treatment Rooms

- Correctional Facilities


- Laboratories

- Nursing Homes


- Pharmacies

- Dental Offices


- Dental Labs

- Animal Labs


- "Safe Haven" Environments

- Food Processing / Packaging Plants


- Clean Rooms

- Manufacturing Facilities


- Office Environments

- Grinding Operations


- Casinos

- Smoking Lounges


- Anywhere Clean Air is Needed

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