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The specifications are downloadable as *.doc files to allow you to make changes to the product you would like, and then email it back to us. Since these products are usually custom orders, these specifications are included as examples.


Clean Room AHUs

Explosion Proof AHUs

Self Contained Chemical Air Filtration Unit

UVC Light Rails

Above-the-Ceiling ISO®-UVC/HEPA 1000CFM horizontal series (view drawing)

Portable ISO®-UVC/HEPA 1000CFM vertical series (view drawing)

Above-the-Ceiling ISO®-UVC/HEPA 500CFM horizontal series (view drawing)

Portable ISO®-UVC/HEPA 500CFM vertical series (view drawing)

Weather Resistant - Outdoor Custom AHU

Stainless Steel Housing

Field Assembled "Knocked-Down" Air Handling Unit

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