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Isolate, Inc. is a Texas entity, incorporated in March, 1994. From its inception the company has been involved with HEPA air filtration projects including clean rooms for semiconductor plants, pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, medical clinics, and anywhere clean air is essential.

In the late 1990’s high performance UVC germicidal lamps came to market and the company owners and engineers quickly adopted this game changing equipment, applying UVC in air handling, air conditioning, and air filtration units of all types. Properly applied, UVC lamps offer a critical means of reducing and removing microorganisms, i.e., mold, bacteria, and viruses from the airstream, particularly in recirculating indoor air. In today’s world, that capability is tremendously important.

In 1995 the first Isolate, Inc., portable air filtration unit was developed for the Diagnostic Hospital of Houston, which later became part of the renowned Methodist Hospital System. That facility and its satellite clinics served patients from the US, Mexico, and Central America, some of whom were exposed to or were carriers of tuberculosis, and some with drug resistant TB. The Isolate engineers developed in-room 100% HEPA exhaust air filtration units to create negative pressure isolation exam rooms for the Diagnostic Hospital.

The advent of ultraviolet “C” band emitters, or lamps, enabled the Isolate engineers to combine UVC and HEPA air filtration to produce even more effective portable air filtration units that could both now “catch and kill” airborne microorganisms. This combination of components made possible the ingenious patent of the Isolate UVC/HEPA line of units, wherein a cylindrical 99.99% at 0.3 micron HEPA filter, combined with an intake mounted high output UVC lamp, is able to capture and irradiate all incoming air into the unit and render it inactive, suitable for indoor air recirculation use. Isolate, Inc. received a trademark for the “killer filter” following the publication of the University of South Florida test results, an appropriate description of the capabilities of this line of air filtration and treatment equipment.

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